Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lazy 5 Ranch

Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch w/our friends Audrey and Roman!! It was a beautiful weekend!!
For those of you who don't know, Lazy Five Ranch is an outdoor petting zoo/safari type place. It has allkinds of animals from around the world and you can either ride your car through or take the wagon. We opted to take the wagon and we are sooo glad we did!!!

Tre had a great time feeding the animals!! He even fed a water buffalo...we stayed away from the ostriches!! I didn't want them to peck him!!!

After feeding all the animals, we took time to play on the swings and playgound!! Even Jimmy had fun on the playground!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our life!!

Alright, well, here we go!!

There is alot going on right now...I am in the middle of switching jobs, I am currently at North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital where I have been for the past 2 years. I will be starting a new job on March 29th at Carolina Veterinary Specialists. I am very sad to leave, and will miss all my coworkers and also the clients that I love dearly!! I will be seeing them all around though as I will just be down the street!!! They will not be getting rid of me!! I am leaving because I am trying to get my VTS in anesthesia and it will happen a little bit quicker for me going to a specialty clinic and will also look better on my application!! I am very nervous, but hope that I will learn alot and be able to attain my VTS!!

We are staying busy by renovating our house....we bought a grea starter house about 2 years ago that needs some updates and even though it goes slowly we enjoy making our house our own!!

Tre is getting big!! He is almost 2 years old!! Where did the time go?? He can talk now and answer your questions and know VERY well the word "no, no mama" and "no, no, daddy"!! He is a great boy overall and an absolute joy to be around!! I am excited to share his pictures and adventures w/everyone!!

His best friend is our pit bull, Sadie. Yes, she's a pit bull!! She is fabulous w/Tre and she is truely Tre's dog, not mine anymore!!

He also loves to play w/blocks...well, when I say "play", I mean the he likes to dump his blocks on the floor and kick them around, and them leave them for me to pick up!! He is a great helper though, he loves to help me vaccuum w/his mini vaccuum and always helps me "pick up" and even helps make the bed!! He will make a great husband one day!!

This is all for now!! I will update frequently!!!
Jim, Laura and Tre
Hello everyone!! Welcome to our blog!! Please bear w/me as I learn how to work this crazy thing!! We will be using this for our family and friends who want to keep up w/us and our life and how Tre is growing up so quickll as Facebook is too open to the public!! I will post pictures soon!!